The Floor Professionals

The Epoxy Floor Coating Specialists are experts in the application of ultra-hardwearing two-pack epoxy floor coatings for applications such as: Industrial workshops, Verandas, Walkways, Showrooms, Factory floors, Residential Driveways, Carport/garage, Bathroom, Laundries, Patios.

Epoxy Floor Coating

We offer a range of textured, flecked or industrial epoxy floor coatings to refresh and protect your floor, with a variety of colours to suit your decor.

Driveway and Masonry Sealing

Sealing your driveway and masonry not only extends the life of your surfaces, but also provides a professional finish that adds value to your property.

Industrial / Commercial / Residential Cleaning

The Epoxy Floor Coating Specialists have a subsidiary division, The Driveway Cleaning Specialists, which can clean and prepare your floor or driveway before the epoxy is laid and organise scheduled maintenance after.